Shacman F3000

The F 3000 series heavy duty trucks, with over 30 years of reputation,
perfect for even the most difficult tasks, bring unprecedented values to its users.

Engine6-Cyl. Inline, 4-Stroke Displacement10,800cc
Horsepower380hp Torque1825Nm
Fuel TypeDiesel Max Speed80 Kmph

Shacman M3000

S2000 is equipped with upgraded STEYR cab based on STEYR technology, WEICHAI WP10 engine series with Euro Ⅱ & Ⅲ emissions, STEYR front & rear axle and suspension, STEYR cooling system for chassis, STEYR air inlet and outlet system as well as a frame modified from STEYR technology.

EngineWeichai Power WP10, WP12 Tyre12.00R20, 11.00R20
Fuel Tank400litres Torque1825Nm
Fuel Type  Max Speed80 Kmph

New Energy

SHACMAN has always been committed to the development of new energy vehicles, and has become a new energy vehicle development technology leader in China.

Engine 6-Cyl. Inline, 4-Stroke   Displacement 10,800cc
Horsepower 440hp   Torque 2080Nm
Fuel Type Diesel   Max Speed 70 Kmph